An Affordable Housing Community Manager, working for our at-risk communities, seniors and disabled throughout the valley. This has led me to experience first-hand many of the struggles, not only Phoenicians and Arizonans face, but the hardships most working class and low-income households deal with in America every day. Living in the valley most of my life has given me an innate passion for Arizona and its future; concentrating mainly on education, affordable living, sustainability, and healthcare.

Back in high school I was very fortunate to meet my best friend, who later became my husband and we have been together almost 10 years now.  I have had many great experiences: from teaching Special Olympics ice skating, to Vice President of a Marine Conservation Group, and volunteering with multiple local Non-profits.  Later, once I made the decision I could not just watch from the sidelines any longer, I decided to run for State Representative of LD17 in 2018.  It was an amazing and crazy learning experience; where I then transitioned to aide in other campaigns.  These have all given me passion to be more active, engaged and wanting to make that difference to ignite change.

My philosophy has inspired me to always do 3 things: ‘Question,’ ‘Rethink,’ moving towards ‘Universal Solution.’ Challenging me to evaluate issues from multiple angles, because our issues are much broader than just a red vs blue perspective. We must understand as many varying perspectives as possible to come up with truly viable solutions. Let’s work together to broaden our perceptions of the issues; diagnosing the root of each problem, to rethink better solutions that work for the greater majority. I want to work for you, to make Arizona a better place for all.