I’m Dane Amling, and I urge you to join me in the fight for affordable living, healthcare, and education. Serving our homeless and at-risk communities, throughout The Valley, has led me to experience first-hand the many struggles and hardships our communities face daily. As your Representative, for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, I will work tirelessly to demand livable wages with access to truly affordable housing and reliable healthcare coverage. Highlighting the harsh realities of so many, that are barely managing, living paycheck to paycheck. Innovating ways to redress income disparities to allow people, to stop just surviving, but begin thriving!

My philosophy has inspired me to always do 3 things: ‘Question,’ ‘Rethink to Understand,’ to derive a ‘Universal Solution or Compromise.’ Challenging myself to evaluate issues from multiple viewpoint, because our issues are much broader than just a red vs blue perspective. We must understand as many varying perspectives as possible to come up with truly viable solutions. Let’s work together to broaden our perceptions of the issues; diagnosing the root of each problem, to rethink better solutions that work for the greater majority. I want to work for you, to make the U.S. work for all of the people again.

Primary focus:

Arizona’s 3th Congressional District

We, not me. Become part of the movement!

Right now we are at a critical point in time and how we move forward over the next few years, will determine the kind of future our children and grandchildren inherit. Together, we are able to collectively shed light on issues that too often get neglected, shoved “out of sight, out of mind,” and go unresolved. Click “Join the team” and become part of the movement, joining together for a brighter tomorrow!

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