Environment :

Environmental Protections

Our planet needs us! With protections being stripped and our natural resources depleting at historic rates, our world is desprit for us to listen and start taking responsibility for our impact. For the last century we have transformed the face of the Earth; consuming everything in our paths.

Plan: 1) Restore all previous protections and impose stricter regulations holding companies responsible for their footprint. 2) Set goals to decrease our impact by at least 10% per year and increase self-sustainability by 10% per year minimum.

Resources and Sustainability 

Resources are being consumed at an non-maintainable pace. In our life time, we will have to face the repercussions of our societies culture of endless consumerism. America consume more single use plastic and other items more than anywhere else in the world. If we continue of this same course, we will see the mass extinction of many of the worlds species; with our children and grandchildren inheriting a plastic planet with very little life.

Plan: 1) Here is Arizona, we need to invest heavily in Solar and wind energy producers; creating solar and wind turbine farms and begin transitioning to use as main producers. 2) Also need to take steps to implement single use plastic bans and hold companies accountable to provide reasonable eco-friendly alternatives (such as paper straws and utensils). 3) Start volunteer initiatives and prisoner work release programs to clean our streets, communities and environment around the state.