Primary & Secondary Education

Education is the groundwork leading towards any future. A strong and healthy public education system is vital for a successful work force.  What we teach our kids today, will be the foundation of our nation decades from now. Consistently our primary and secondary education systems around the country are under attack, and whenever funding is needed, the money usually comes out partly from the education budget.   

Plan: We need to properly fund schools, give educators the tools they need, and pay our teachers what they rightfully deserve. Increase funding and support for extra curricular programs,: such as clubs, arts, music, and sports. We also need to strengthen our tax credit voucher program, and restore and strengthen public education. 

Higher Education

Cost to go to a University or other higher education program has increased exponentially; becoming a financial hardship leaving many Americans buried in student loans, with outrageous interest rates.

Plan: All citizens whom have a GED or higher should be eligible for free Community College or in demand trade courses. affordable higher education, trade schools, and job training.  These are crucial entities for personal and skill development and should be accessible regardless of economic status.  This would allow all Americans to better themselves, and prepare them for future careers.