I believe in Medicare for all. In this free market of healthcare, we have seen the costs of just about everything related to medical fields sky rocket. From prescription drugs, to health insurance, doctor co-pays, and Hospital visits, many Americans are getting buried in medical debt. Today, many Americans avoid going to a doctor or hospital when they are sick, not because they do not like going, but because it is often a large, unexpected medical expense.  This is due to the free market and for profit medical entities. Having health insurance has always seemed to be the smartest decision to make sure you have some form of safety net if you are in medical need.  However, health insurance companies are another major cause of the soar in medical cost due to medical providers and Drug companies are now able to charge the insurance companies unquestionable amounts of money, increasing them over time. Prescription drug companies such as Valiant raised their prices of life saving drugs from a little under $20 to over $13,000 for a single prescription fill, only to boost profits and stock share costs. There is for profit, and there are companies who conduct business like this. With the medical industry, Drug companies, and insurance companies holding many Americans hostage.  

Plan: 1) Transition towards a “Medicare for all” plan, it would allow Medicare to now negotiate on prices and slowly bring prices back down.  2) Towards a universal healthcare system that is subsidized by income levels, with little to no cost for an individual. Payers can opt to carry additional insurance.

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis / marijuana has proven to provide life altering medical benefits. From treating patients undergoing cancer treatments, individuals plagued by seizures or Parkinson’s, to veterans struggling with PTSD, or people suffering from depression and anxiety. The full potential of medicinal benefits are still continuously being uncovered; with little to no side effects. Current federal regulations however; inhibit individuals, whom’s quality of life could be drastically improved, from having access to marijuana. It is still classified as a “Schedule I controlled substance” (designation is reserved for drugs that have a high potential for abuse, lack any medical value, and can’t be safely prescribed). Conflicting state and federal laws cause differences in definitions, triggering loop-holes to be exploited, causing individuals who posses their medication legally to face legal action.

Plan: Medical cannabis/ marijuana legalized at the federal level with the states given authority over recreational legalization.