What can you do?

There are a variety of ways to demand your voice be heard, make impacts, and influence progress.  The best start is to register and vote!  It is our responsibility to take a little of our time, do at least a little bit of research, to make our voices count.  If there is a candidate you really believe in and support, share them with others. Many candidates that run on their own, without party sponsorship or corporate donors, need any and all the support they can get.  From just sharing their Facebook page on your wall, or mentioning them to other people, to volunteering some of your own time to their campaign can make the biggest difference.

However, if you cannot spare the time, donations from individuals are the life line of those campaigns. No matter what you can spare to give, always remember the smallest contribution gradually add up; so never think your $5, $20, or even $1 donation doesn’t change things, because it does!  If you want to become part of something, feel the need to demand and ignite changes, please join my team by clicking the button below. We need your voice!