I decided to get into the political scene because I believe issues are much broader than just a red vs blue perspective; and we must see every case from more than just a singular point of view. Most issues affect all of us in various ways, and we then generally perceive it based solely on how it would impact us as an individual. Other times, we are only given two options, “Are you for this, or for that?”  Why do we have to be one or the other?  My position has 3 main interpersonal challenges: Question, Rethink to Understand, then Universal Solutions and Compromise.

What I mean by “Question,” is we need to identify the immediate issues, and question what really works long term: for all policies, for everyone. No longer can things be thought of in the temporary mind set. We must start thinking long-term and recognize that what we do every day, impacts our future in so many unforeseen ways. We need to start discussing how we will balance resources, cost, debt, and other consequential long-term impacts.

For “Rethink to Understand,” we have to assess as many perspectives of these issues as possible, and try to understand how it affects individuals across all areas, classes, and communities. This is where we need to think UNITED, and focus less on which “side” we are on. We must have the courage to view, without pre-conceived political bias, the whole picture. Seeking our neighbor’s perspective of an issue with the end goal of understanding, without fear, that issue’s underlining causes, effects, and possible solutions. Every issue affects each of us in various ways, it is our duty to understand not only how it affects us, but our neighbors as well.

This sounds like a fairy-tale, but the responsibility is on us, and it becomes possible. By having the willingness to understand the whole picture, we are more capable of coming up with new “Universal solutions, and make Compromises.”  We have a voice, we just have to direct it in the right directions. We all have to make the tough choices when need be, voice our own opinions and support our own beliefs. However, we must do this with the willingness to grant others those same freedoms. The willingness to compromise and understand how an issue affects another. We need to drop this red vs blue, and win or lose mentality.

For me, being a citizen’s representative is both an honor and a privilege, not a business opportunity. We are weary from feeling as though our voices are being ignored and that our issues are unimportant. Your interests are my top priority. Let’s work together to broaden our perceptions of the issues; diagnosing the root of each problem, to rethink better solutions that work for the greater majority.